Design Solutions

Every Web project is unique and every client has different needs. So I adjust my services to fit your requirements.

Do you have technical resources and just need the front-end design? I can create the design and turn over the graphic files to your developers. Do you want a turn-key solution with minimum fuss? I can design the information architecture, create the visuals and do the front-end HTML and JavaScript. All you have to do is provide direction and the content.

If you need assistance with database development, system integration or copywriting, I can hook you up with high-quality, reliable resources and you can work directly with them -- you pay no costly markup.

My business is the Web -- which means you get an experienced professional, not someone dabbling on the side. While other “designers” have come and gone since the Internet boom and bust, WBW has stayed in business by delivering high-quality work and high client satisfaction..


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